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nachtkritik.plus is an extension of the online theater magazine nachtkritik.de. It puts theatre streamings, projects at the interface of theater and the digital arts as well as discursive talks and new video formats of theatre criticism on display.


The project of nachtkritik.plus is guided by the question: How can theater be represented and accompanied critically beyond the traditional format of "text criticism". With this new platform, we want to gather new experience. For us, the editorial staff of nachtkritik.de, nachtkritik.plus is a research project to determine how the critical examination of the performing arts can be continued and transformed in the digital age, for example by including audiovisual media into our range of formats, or by the dynamic integration of audience feedback in chats and comments.

Initial plans for this platform were made long before the outbreak of the pandemic. Many thoughts and ideas from the theater community were incorporated into the concrete development, as we consulted them extensively. Because we didn't want to launch an enterprise like this bypassing the need. The big starting signal to begin work on the concrete implementation was a two-day workshop in January 2021 with experts from the theater and network scene, inclusion experts and techno-visionaries. Our special thanks go to all participants!

When nachtkritik.de was founded in 2007, the one-way street of criticism was opened up to the oncoming traffic of other voices that had not been heard before. Now, we want theatre criticism to become even more dynamic, more immersive and possibly more intense. As a work in progress, the platform will at first be launched only partly: as our first step, we introduce the digital stage of nachtkritik.de, a platform for the discourse about theater.

We are just starting

Nachtkritik.plus will expand further in cooperation with the Dortmund Academy for Theater and Digitality and in collaboration with the German Theatertechnical Society (DTHG). On March 10th, 2022, a community platform for the reflection of the potential of new technologies in the field of performing arts as well as a dynamic archive will be launched to document experiences and groundbreaking works. The goal is to bundle the knowledge that arises in the field of theater and digitality and to make it accessible to as many people as possible. In the future, there will be a "Members" section where you will find all those who want to exchange their ideas and experiences with these topics.

Another central tool nachtkritik.plus will offer is a schedule that offers an overview of what is going on in the world of digital theatre. Here, theatres as well as artists can announce their digital offers, their streams, their online live performances or talks.

We very much hope that you will join us and wish you a lot of fun on and with nachtkritik.plus. We ask for your understanding if some things don't work right away. We are just starting.

With kind regards


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