"Civilisation" (Kultur) | Fast Forward Festival
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December 9th 2021, 7 pm | With Live-Chat

UK 2021

Director: Jaz Woodcock-Stewart



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Co-Production Company

Fast Forward FestivalTheaterplatz 2
01067 Dresden

Cast / Crew

Jaz Woodcock-Stewart

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"Civilisation" (Kultur) | Fast Forward Festival

10th December 2021, online 24 hours
by Jaz Woodcock-Stewart / Morgann Runacre-Temple
Cooperation Fast Forward Festival 2021 / Staatsschauspiel Dresden
+ Chat: on Friday, December 10th, from 7 p.m., looking and chatting with festival curator Charlotte Orti, nachtkritik editors Simone Kaempf and Esther Slevogt, possibly participating artists and all interested. The nachtkritik.plus chat room opens at 6.30 pm.

You could say, CIVILISATION begins with a hairdryer, with a completely normal day in the life of a young woman. Or so it seems, because her life has just gone pretty far off course. You could say, CIVILISATION “is many things at the same time: theatre, dance, performance art, illuminating and mysterious, hilarious and heart-breaking” as theatre critic Liam Rees wrote in 2019 after the premiere in Edinburgh. This describes a production that imperceptibly makes something tangible for which there are first of all no words to describe.
CIVILISATION draws the narrative arc step by step and is patient enough to allow what is to be understood here slowly occur in the audience – as confusing or as fundamental as you allow it to be, as warm and as full-on as possible. At the same time, the theatrical form with which director Jaz Woodcock-Stewart and her artistic colleagues take the audience on the journey with them is quite astounding. While Sophie Steer performs a monologue almost without any words, the three dancers open up a parallel universe, through which feelings steer their course. And this dramaturgy is so compelling, poetic, direct and tangible that it leaves a powerful echo behind.

Jaz Woodcock-Stewart studied acting and directing in London, founded her own theatre group, worked as an assistant director, wrote plays and has staged projects with acting and dance students. CIVILISATION is her third self-developed play and directorial work, in which she brings acting and dance together for the first time.

Script & Direction: Jaz Woodcock-Stewart, Choreography: Morgann Runacre-Temple & Ensemble, Production: Antler, Stage Design & Costume Design: Charlotte Espiner, Light Design: Alex Fernandes, Produktion Assosicate: Eve Allin, Technical Stage Manager: Fergus Waldron, Assistent Stage Manager: Bryony Byrne, Production Video: Richard Perryman,Produktion Photos: Alex Brenner.
With: Imogen Alvares, Sophie Steer, Stefania Pinato, Brannon Yau, Lucy Ellinson.

In Co-Operation with: Lise Smith, Claire Gaydon, Laura Lorenzi, Fern Grimbley, Jack Anderson, Chihiro Kawasaki, Gabriella Schmidt, Amy Drew and Riley Wolf
Supported by: New Diorama Theatre, Battersea Arts Centre, HOME Manchester, Arts Council England
Produced for: First Drafts at the Yard Theatre / Underbelly, Edinburgh Fringe, 2019
jaz woodcock stewart


Co-Production Company

Fast Forward FestivalTheaterplatz 2
01067 Dresden

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